* Has improved our billing
* Has improved the efficiency of my staffs
* Able to view charts while doing the rounds
* Highly recommended for any DU
* Great customer service

Abid Khan, MD
Medical Director
Ontario Dialysis Unit
We have used Access Manager for about five years now. This software product has been invaluable in allowing us to manage the accesses of our dialysis patients.

Renesan staff have been very supportive and conscientious in assisting us with our customizing needs so that we can derive the benefits we need from this software.

Dallas Nephrology Associate
-As the medical director of a multiple dialysis clinics, it was important for me to select an EHR that would be cost effective, user friendly and easy to implement. Renesan-s Dialysis Manager application has been very useful for organizing and transmitting patient data among multiple centers.

We have a fairly new Access Center and we would really have difficulty running it without Access Manager. Renesan has been very accommodating and I recommend the product for both dialysis units and vascular access center-

H. Allen Gersh, MD
Medical Director
Hattiesburg Clinic
-Dialysis Manager has greatly improved the continuity of patient care.  In the last 15 years, I have used several different computer programs but none has provided a complete picture of the patients care like Dialysis Manager. - Marcie Beach, RN Supervisor Pearl River Dialysis
-Dialysis Manager is a wonderful program that is easy to learn and very user friendly.  As a dietitian, I work at multiple dialysis units and this program has been very helpful. It is easily accessible at all my units and it contains the most up-to-date, comprehensive patient information in order to successfully meet their dietary needs. This program has increased communication throughout the multi-disciplinary team which has greatly improved the quality of care for our patients.- Jaime Sims, RDLD Pearl River Dialysis Richton Dialysis Wiggins Dialysis
"Dialysis Manager is a fantastic new development in the management of dialysis accesses. It seamlessly combines form and functionality into a product that is easy to use, and which will be indispensable to all physicians caring for dialysis patients. Built-in K/DOQI and other reporting tools enormously help dialysis units maintain a proactive Continuous Quality Improvement Program."
Philip W. Rogers, MD
Former Chairman,
ESRD Network 8
"Dialysis Manager is a dream comes true. It's easy to learn, simple to use, and has greatly reduced the stress on our nursing staff. Because of this program, our nursing staff is better coordinated with the physicians and this results in greatly improved patient care and significant reduction in the number of times we need to consult them. The up to date database is very helpful when rounding with physicians, especially on patients with numerous access problems." Sheri Sorrells, RN
Nurse Supervisor,
Columbia Dialysis Unit

Renesan is an integrated solution to Electronic Health Records with a robust inventory system for procedures.

The interface is user friendly and intuitive.

The support at Renesan is available for training, custom reporting support and to make modifications and updates to the programs as regulations change.

The integrated inventory system allows us to track costs and improve efficiency in stocking and reordering.
Caryl T Scharpf
Director, Vascular Access
Liberty Dialysis
10940 SW Barnes Rd #265
Portland, OR 97225
971-404-1171 Phone
866-703-0897 Fax
"I think Access Manager is just outstanding. It obviously is a program created by experienced physicians who understand exactly how we think and like to view our data. It is a lot easier now to make the best decisions with updated data at the point of care. No more calling and faxing of access records to and from dialysis units. Features like tracking of all procedures and outcomes, timeline function, and scan option make patient care hassle-free and more enjoyable. This is a must-have software."
John R. Ross, MD
Chief of Surgery
Bamberg County Hospital,
South Carolina

"As a RN with over 37 years experience I find the Renesan software to be both user friendly and their staff to be very approachable. They welcome suggestions on their software and provide excellent support to the staff of my Vascular Access Center. The reports are utilized in our Quarterly meetings and are always being improved when we make requests. "

Debra Davis RN,BSN,
Nurse Manager
TMA Access Center
1597 Washington Pike A-14
Bridgeville, PA 15017
phone: 412-276-9030
fax: 412-276-9033
"Renesan helps me stay competitive. I use the inventory module to control costs. I always have the costs of the products I use available to help with negotiations with vendors. I use Renesan to calculate the variable costs for my procedures. It is useful for giving constructive feedback to the individual operators and for my marketing decisions.

The most essential part of my quality program is accurately tracking procedural complications. Renesan uses the ASDIN complication classification system which is perfect for us.

Renesan plays a central role in the way I market my access center. I give referral sources access to information about their patients. Referring Nephrologists and Dialysis Access Coordinators love being able know what's going on with their patients all the time. The information can be accessed anywhere there is a web browser.

Renesan reduces fragmentation of care: it brings Nephrologists, Vascular Surgeons, Dialysis Units, and the Access Center together with one informtion system.

No general purpose EHR can do what Renesan can. The Renesan developers understand national guidelines better than I do. The tools to achieve K/DOQI and Fistula First compliance are all built-in.

We run 6 clinical trials of dialysis access devices and Renesan is an end-to-end solution for tracking the outcomes."

Eric ladenheim
Vascular Surgeon,
Fresno, CA

"The Renesan system has been an excellent tool for our center.  We are paperless at this point, and the system has been very easy to use.  Customer service has been fantastic, and always easy to get a hold of.  The system has allowed us to organize our data, streamline our operations, and we are able to customize the program to our specific preferences and needs.  From billing, to procedure reports, to analyzing data - the power of this system has helped us maximize our practice efficiency.  I strongly recommend Renesan, and it has been a great asset to our center."

Daniel Patel, M.D.
Volusia-Flalger Vascular Center
Daytona Beach, FL
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