:: Data Review
Comprehensive MD dialysis visit notes
Trend monthly labs
Current & past home meds records
Hospitalizations tracking
Transplant status tracking
:: Dialysis Treatments
Dialysis treatment flow sheet
Special "MD" view of flowsheets
Trend dialysis treatment flow sheets
Real time billing data capture
Machine interface and chair side charting
:: Clinical Assessments (Ancillary)
Data entry for nursing, social services & dietitian's evaluations
Quarterly & monthly notes care plans
Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Patient Assessment Form and Reporting Tool
:: Disease Management
Metabolic bone disease 
Diabetes mellitus
Coronary artery disease
:: Access Management
Angiograms & thrombectomies
Catheter placements
Surveillance with access flows (Transonic), venous pressures, Kt/V & others
Access history & timeline views
:: Reports
Erythrocyte stimulating agents (ESA) reports (Epogen & Aranesp ) 
Missed dialysis treatments
K/DOQI reports: access prevalence, thrombosis rates & more
Catheter prevalence & duration 
Monthly Fistula First network reports
Lab reports based on your criteria
QA Reports
Transplant Reports
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Manager Brochure
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