Introducing Billing Manager, the newest member to the Renesan Software family.

Managing billing for your dialysis business just got a whole lot easier. With Billing Manager, you can better administer your processed claims through automated claim submissions as well as denials and rejections - all while keeping a high CCR and FPR. It also allows users to track the status of their claims, reimbursements, and outstanding payments with customizable reports.

Key Features

  • Regular update and tracking of patient demographics in the software
  • Enter referral details obtained from the unit
  • Provide a list of Expired Authorizations/Referrals monthly
  • Enter all charges in the system
  • Cross check claims with billing charges
  • Transmit/Mail claims
  • Attach Referrals/MR when necessary
  • Confirm electronic file receipt
  • Download electronic payments where applicable
  • Post all the payments that are received from the insurance/patient
  • Update patient account with detailed remarks if payment received is inconsistent with payment balance
  • Reconciliation of payment posting and bank deposit
  • Mail all secondary claims once Primary payment is posted
  • Generate monthly report by financial class and dollar amount
  • Review claims, starting with patients who have a high payment balance
  • Complete appeals process based on denial received
  • Take reviews to the highest level
  • Research all claims that have been denied
  • Bed debt write off should be approved by Owner / Facility Administrator
  • Generate multiple reports, including but not limited to charges, adjustment, aging, and credit
  • Compare monthly reports to the Closing Report
  • Complete the month end process once monthly reports match the Closing Report
  • Update billing software based on any new guidelines
  • Update Medicare rates on a quarterly basis
  • Add new Insurances in the system
  • Charges report - provided based on monthly billing so that the expected collection can be noted
  • Credit Report – provides payment received for which patients, DOS, and Insurances
  • Adjustment Report –shows all the adjustments completed for the month
  • Aging Report – shows all insurance and patient outstanding balances
  • Census Report – provides the number of patients by insurance
  • Treatment by patient report – gives the number of treatments by patient
  • Treatment not billed report –provides a confirmation on whether all the charges have been billed
  • Additional reports available
  • Cash Flow Trend – shows payment collected on a daily basis by Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurances
  • Census by Financial Class – excel report that gives the number and percentage of patients by insurance /FC
  • Cash Goal and Performance report - gives the dollar amount to be collected by FC based on charges report
  • Treatment per revenue report
  • Additional reports available
  • Quarterly performance review with help of "At a Glance Report"

“Our goal has always been to give our users a 360 degree view of their business. With Dialysis Manager we provided the clinical view. With Billing Manager we complete the circle.”


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