Dialysis Manager empowers our physicians to achieve clinical and operational excellence. It connects clinicians, administrators, and processes while simplifying workflow, and providing access to unified patient records across the enterprise. Dialysis Manager is an application based on the latest technology with a rich interface and is flexible enough to accommodate the special needs of our clients. We provide ongoing enhancements based on customer insights, emerging technologies, and changes in regulatory requirements. Some of our key features & reports are:

  • Machine interface and chair side charting
  • Comprehensive MD dialysis visit notes
  • Complete hemodialysis treatment flow sheet
  • "Comprehensive Patient Assessment" and tracking report
  • Nursing, social services & dietitian evaluation
  • Lab reports and trending
  • Hospitalizations tracking
  • Transplant status tracking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Real time billing data capture and export
  • Dialysis prescription
  • Office visit documentation
  • PD catheter history and complication tracking
  • Nurse home visit documentation
  • PD billing
  • Data entry for nursing, social services & dietitian's evaluations
  • Quarterly & monthly notes care plans
  • Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Patient Assessment Form and Reporting Tool
  • Anemia
  • Metabolic bone disease
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Angiograms & thrombectomies
  • Catheter placements
  • Surveillance with access flows, venous pressures, Kt/V & others
  • Complications
  • Access history & timeline views
  • Dialysis Treatment Count/Meds Dose
  • Daily Dialysis Report
  • Meds Label
  • Hospitalization Report
  • Vaccination Report
  • Rounding Report
  • Dry Weight Report
  • ESA Daily Balance Sheet
  • Census Report
  • Dialysis Meds Cost Report
  • No Show Treatment Report
  • Pre and Post HD Blood Pressure Report
  • Blood Pressure Tracking Report
  • Nurses Monthly Report
  • QA Report
  • Crownweb certified
  • Store & display patient picture
  • Similar name alert in demographics to minimize the errors
  • Data is never deleted from the system
  • Strong security with complete audit trail for every activity for every user
  • Strong permission and security features
  • User & group level permission

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