We provide rapid integration of the latest technologies to existing legacy systems and create uniquely tailored product solutions designed to facilitate essential business operations and increase productivity.

Some of the key Features and Benefits are as follows:

Even though this is not a requirement for dialysis center, this adds a tremendous credibility for our software. Out software is capable to generating CCD/CCR output of full patient history/records which can be read by any hospital or certified EHR. These files are validated against standard CCD/CCR file using Google Health API/Microsoft HealthVault.
HL7, XML and single click integration with various other EHRs. Also saves tremendous amount of troubleshooting or IT support related issues due to zero client install.
Our interface let you see accepted, rejected, pending and submitted files by each month or year.
Data from dialysis machine can be captured automatically
Powerful reporting tool to query
Use any third party billing or you can use Renesan's billing services
We also facilitate finding high-end clinical research for your practice that can generate significant income for your practice. This application helps you in managing the patients who are on research.
  • Online faxing capability
  • Detail audit trail and user permissions.
  • Use dragon to dictate dialysis visit notes or you can create your own template
  • Digital Signature capture using Signature pad - No need to keep the paper record
  • Ability to add Attachments and reports to patient’s medical records from other facilities (improves continuity of care)
  • Meet all state requirements and regulations
  • Ability to Interface with lab companies
  • Makes your system completely paperless

Some unique tools that can save tremendous amount of time for physicians

Using single click you can do the followings

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  • Create bulk orders for anemia management (Protocol based Meds dose adjustment) - This allows you to identify all your patients based on certain meds and labs and then adjust the dialysis order using one click.
  • Create dialysis visit notes for multiple patients (Batch dialysis visit notes)
  • Schedule all your catheter patients for fistula/graft appointment using Task Manager module. These scheduled tasks can be assigned to any specific individual with an ability to escalate incomplete task to the supervisor. This ensures proper follow up of any of these tasks and can be used to reduce your catheter prevalence rate.

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